Turn your content into a training game.

Learn to gamify your training, step-by-step.
No programming, special tools or magic required.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your employees see compliance training as a chore.
  • Your training only partially translates into action.
  • Your learners don’t look forward to training.
  • You struggle to increase your course completion rate.
  • Your clients are asking for innovative training solutions, on tight budgets and deadlines.
  • Training is seen as a “necessary evil” in your organization.
  • You have to chase down managers to ensure mandatory training gets done.

You know that attention is key to learning, and that when learners are disengaged, training is not effective. Yet, your training’s objectives are important – life and death in some cases. But when learners aren’t engaged, learning objectives are only partially met, and content is incompletely understood or quickly forgotten.

You may have been intrigued by some gamified training programs… but the last thing you want is to distract learners from your content. How to draw the line between engagement and distraction? Or perhaps you wonder if you have the time, budget, or the know-how. Who has time to learn new tools?

The truth is that effective gamification is highly accessible, no matter what tools you use or what your skill level is. The most useful gamified training programs start with solid instructional design. It’s not about adding frills, gimmicks or distractions. It’s not about squeezing your content into a pre-existing game format, either. It’s not about programming skills, technical wizardry, or fancy graphics. It’s about understanding how to present your content in the form of stimulating challenges to awaken the learner’s drive to go through that journey from piqued interest to confident mastery.

Fundamentals of Gamification

The course for trainers, educators and instructional designers. Finally available online.

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What it’s all about

A 4-week course including weekly live training, exercises, live feedback sessions and PLAYABLE demos.

Step by step process

Rewards systems, skill building, interface design, psychology of motivation, replayability… where do we start? At step one, that’s where.
The course will take you through the entire process from content mapping to the finishing, polishing touches on presentation.

Beyond badges

This course will fill your design toolbox with tried-and-true motivational mechanics that are proven to be effective. And you’ll learn exactly when to use each one for optimal results in any training situation.
That means no more guesswork – you’ll design with confidence.


Game mechanics must serve your course’s learning objectives, not the other way around. Results are the name of the game.
Focus on methods and techniques that smooth the learner’s journey toward acquiring knowledge and building skill, not gimmicky mechanics.

Any course, any tool

No special tools needed! Whether you’re making e-learning or instructor-led training in a classroom, you can apply these design techniques to drive learners and make your training unforgettable.

Playable examples

Play your way through examples in order to gain that gut-level understanding. Then, adapt them to your particular audience, content and setting.

Straight to the point

Your time is valuable, so this course aims to get you to creating gamified training programs, FAST. It focuses on actionable techniques and step-by-step processes to quickly get you designing.

You will be able to:

  • Turn your content into fun challenges
  • Pique learner curiosity about your content
  • Leverage game mechanics to maximize retention of information
  • Design an effective reward system that optimizes skillbuilding
  • Confidently pick the best game mechanics for your audience and content
  • Apply the right tool to fix spikes in difficulty or dips in learner motivation
  • Avoid mechanics that feel gimmicky
  • Reduce the learner’s cognitive load
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Hey, you’ve got this.

You too can gamify your training. Here’s why.

Gamification is really about organizing the information and challenges to engage the learner, make them pay more attention and persevere so that they remember more information and master skills faster.
Game mechanics don’t depend on any specific tools: You can apply them to your courses, whether you are making ILT or e-learning, whether you’re using Storyline, Captivate, PowerPoint, pen and paper, or rocks and bits of string. Your courses can leverage the power of game mechanics no matter what tools you’re using.
A little goes a long way: Game mechanics certainly don’t require fancy graphics, massive budgets or endless development cycles. Once you know how to think in game mechanics, you’ll be able to apply them instantly to your training designs.

The nitty gritty


This is a hybrid, cohort-based course. This means you get a weekly lesson (led online by the instructor), then work through the accompanying workbook, exercises and playable demos at your own pace. Later in the week, join us again for live discussion, review, feedback and Q&A.


This course is designed for instructional designers, teachers and trainers. It is specifically aimed at teaching how to use gamification in training programs to facilitate the attainment of learning objectives.


The techniques shown in this course work with any tool you use to build your course, from pen and paper or Powerpoint for classroom games to gamified e-learning programs made with Storyline, Captivate or any other authoring tool.


Fundamentals of Gamification lasts four weeks. Each week, you will receive the weekly course content (30-60 minutes of live instruction, weekly exercises/workbook/playable demos) plus an optional 1-hour live session for feedback and Q&A.


Got questions? Need inspiration, feedback, or just need to share your achievements? Your follow students are there for you. By enrolling, you’ll get access to an exclusive community. Share your great ideas!


The principles taught in this course apply to any form of training. Whether you are a classroom educator or an e-learning developer, you’ll be able to leverage the power of gamification in your own courses.

Personalized attention. Flexibility.

  • Small cohorts (12 max per group)
  • One weekly live lesson (on Zoom), plus one live Q&A session
  • Weekly workbook and exercises, at your own pace
  • Sample content to practice with
  • PLAYABLE examples/demos
  • Exclusive community access
  • Incredible bonuses

Up your training game. Design with confidence.

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Hi, I’m Marie-Jo.

I’m known for my curiosity, no-nonsense attitude and passion for trivia (and dogs!).
After 10 years as a corporate trainer, I jumped into the wild world of games. As a producer working with Marvel, Disney, Sega and Ubisoft, I saw first hand how effortlessly games help players build skills, and give them memorable moments they talk about for years.
The trainer in me thought: Be memorable? Build skill? This is what training should do!
So after 10 years as a trainer and 10 more as a game maker, it was time to merge the two, and so 42 Comets was born. We have made gamified training programs in the fields of medical education, manufacturing, HR, transportation, and so on.
Throughout this journey, I have taught college-level game design and for the past 7 years I’ve been showing instructional designers how to gamify their courses. And I’ve learned something from every person I’ve taught.
Now, for the first time, Fundamentals of Gamification is available online. I can’t wait to see what you build!
Thanks for joining. Let’s do this!

Marie-Jo Leroux

Marie-Jo knows how to captivate people and her knowledge of how the brain works relative to gaming and behaviour is incredible. If anyone can offer you a new game changer (sorry bad pun) in the field of learning it's her.

E. VanderveldtStorefront Media

Fundamentals of Gamification: Course content

Anatomy of a game

  • Fundamental ingredients of games, from tic-tac-toe to tennis to Super Mario.
  • Underlying structure of games as it relates to training.

Transforming your content into a game

The step-by-step process of transforming your content into a training game:

  • Analyzing your content to reveal the underlying game
  • Designing the basic gameplay loop
  • Teaching and challenge mechanics
  • Building a level template
  • Range of outcomes
  • The win condition
  • Setting and maintaining challenge
  • Fostering player autonomy and building mastery
  • Difficulty balancing

Motivational mechanics

Filling your design toolbox with motivational mechanics, and learning when to use them for optimal effect.

  • Intrinsic motivation vs Extrinsic rewards
  • Content gating
  • Points
  • Powerup types
  • Collections
  • Effective badge systems
  • Bonus missions
  • Shaping behavior through a motivational system
  • Setting up a rewards system


Methods to help the user understand their goals and progress, and feel clever doing it.

  • Communicating with the player
  • Signs and feedback
  • Effective tutorials
  • Theme and player fantasy
  • Motivation through presentation

Open structures

More game types to best match your content and give the player an intuitive understanding of its underlying logic.

Social mechanics

  • Multiplayer game types
  • Bonuses and maluses
  • Leaderboards and competition
  • Cooperation and other forms of connectedness


How big are the classes?

  • Each group includes a maximum of 12 students.

Will I have contact with the instructor?

Yes! Each week, you get one live, instructor-led training session AND one extra live Q&A session (in case you have questions after doing the week’s work).

PLUS: For a limited time, your enrollment entitles you to one 1:1 session with the instructor.

What if I can't make one of the live training sessions?

It’s best if you can attend the training sessions to ask your questions on the spot, but hey, life can get in the way. If you can’t make a class, don’t sweat it. Each training session is recorded and available to the group members to watch/rewatch at their pace.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If the course doesn’t work for you, you have 14 days to request your money back with no questions asked. Although our students have loved the course so far we want to make sure you get value for your money and find the class helpful.

What do you mean by "live", exactly?

“Live” sessions means we meet on Zoom. If you prefer to meet in real life, check out our in-person workshops.

What's kind of time commitment does this thing require?

For each of the 4 weeks of the program, you will have:

  • One lesson to attend (up to 60 minutes of instruction)
  • A workbook to complete
  • Playable examples/demos to try (optional)
  • 60-minute Q&A live session (optional)

Do I get graded on the exercises?

No. The workbook/exercises are designed to facilitate your brainstorming and design process, not to evaluate your work. You will be invited to upload your work to your student group for feedback, but doing so is optional.

How long will I have access to the materials for?

Workbooks and bonus cheat sheets are downloadable, so you can keep them forever! Enrollment includes access to all other materials (class recordings, community access, etc) for one year.

Starting in March 2022

Fundamentals of Gamification

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