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We are 42 Comets, experts in gamification of training. Great to meet you.

Experts in gamification

Our team is made up of instructional design experts and entertainment industry veterans, who have worked for giants such as Disney, Marvel, Ubisoft, and Cirque du Soleil among others.

Some of the things we do

42 Comets helps organizations maximize the efficiency of their training through the use of gamification. Specifically, we apply techniques developed in entertainment industries to boost engagement in training and increase productivity.

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Custom gamified training

Using your content, we will develop a custom gamified training program tailored to your specific audience. We handle the project from initial analysis to post-implementation support.

E-learning development

If you’re not ready for full gamification yet, we develop highly engaging non-gamified training programs.


How do I adapt my challenges to different levels of expertise? Should I engage learners in friendly competition? So many questions. Our experts can counsel and support you in developing your own gamified programs.

Event gamification

Want to engage attendees at your next event? Let us develop a gamification component to ensure your messages are unforgettable.

Gamification course

We offer a course for training departments and instructional designers who wish to learn some gamification techniques to make their programs captivating.

Game designers are wizards of engagement. They have mastered the art of pulling people of all ages into virtual environments, having them work toward meaningful goals, persevere in the face of multiple failures, and celebrate the rare moments of triumph after successfully completing challenging tasks.

American PsychologistJanuary 2014

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