Bring your training

to the next level.

Captivate your employees by gamifying your training.
Maximize retention of information. Build the right reflexes.
Watch their motivation soar.


The entertainment industry has perfected the art of captivating audiences by telling engaging stories, setting clear goals through games and creating addictive reward structures.

These techniques boost user motivation and attention, build skills and profoundly change behavior.

Organizations are now leveraging these same techniques to make tasks motivating and engaging, foster the creation of positive reflexes, and to make essential information unforgettable.

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of gamification in a variety of settings.


More and more companies are using gamification to boost their training. Studies show that this is a very smart move indeed.

Hands-on learning

Gamified training provides a virtual space for learners to solve well-designed problems and find the best solutions through experience. This hands-on way of learning leads to greater retention of information.

Clear goals and progress

Games excel at giving clear objectives and organizing rewards to maximize attention and motivation. As they see their progress and unlock new goals, learners are captivated and can’t wait for the next lesson.

Active cognition

In interactive gaming environments, well-balanced puzzles and challenges require the learner to deeply engage cognitively with the topic, increasing retention of information.

Addictive learning

Simulation games engage learners by immersing them into compelling stories, and present scheduled rewards that foster a visceral desire to compete and surpass themselves. The skills acquired stay with the learners long after the training is completed.

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