Dynamic, impactful training they'll remember.

In collaboration with your subject matter experts, we will design and implement an engrossing and effective training program suited to you. Using the right tool for the right audience and topic, we’ll make it stick.

  • traditional e-learning
  • rapid e-learning
  • blended learning
  • simulation

42 Comets offers a range of services aimed at using game-based techniques in improving learning. 

  • design and development
  • gamification of existing training
  • design audits

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Don't know the right training strategy to meet your goals? No problem. Let us help you determine the best blend of options for your audience, topic and organisational constraints. 

Are you an instructional designer looking to level up? 42 Comets offers a course in Gamification of Training. In it, you will learn how to apply game mechanics and storytelling methods to your instructional designs.

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