Training departments across all industries are realizing that
using game techniques in their training strategies
boosts the efficiency of those programs,
by increasing learner engagement and motivation.



Games emotionally engage learners by immersing them into compelling stories, and fostering a visceral desire to compete and surpass themselves.

Social interaction

The competition and teamwork provided by game mechanics naturally increase the depth of interactions between learners, as well as their motivation.

Active cognition 

In interactive gaming environments, well-balanced puzzles and challenges require the learner to deeply engage cognitively with the topic, increasing retention of information. 

Safe practice

The game environment provides a setting in which to safely explore, discover, practice, fail and succeed. Learners will stay in a fun environment longer, increasing their mastery.


42 Comets specialises in developing game-based training. If you'd prefer to develop it yourself, and just need a little guidance, that works too. 

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