Gamification training

A course for training providers

Apply game techniques to your training programs

Training departments across all industries are realizing that the use of gaming in their training strategies boosts the efficiency of those programs, by increasing learner engagement and motivation. But how do you do it right? 

Drawing on a decade of game industry experience, 42 Comets has developed a course on the Gamification of Training. Designed specifically for instructional designers and training professionals, the course teaches you how to apply the principles of game design and storytelling to your training programs, making them instantly more immersive.

The nitty gritty

Depending on the audience, Gamification of Training is offered as a 1-day introductory overview, or a 2- or 3-day workshop.  

Sample topics covered

  • Basic game design
  • Game mechanics and skill transfer
  • Basic mission design
  • Player fantasy and story design
  • Social gaming
  • Metagaming

Intended audience

  • CLOs
  • Instructional designers
  • E-learning developers
  • HR managers
  • Educators
  • Education administrators

About the instructor

Marie-Jo Leroux has a dual background in instructional design and game design.

An instructional designer since 1992, she has created and taught custom courses in topics ranging from cooling system repair to filmmaking, from organic chemistry to natural disaster management. Her clients have included Autodesk, Hydro-Québec, Baltimore Gas and Electric and Ubisoft.

A veteran game designer, Marie-Jo spent a decade creating engaging interactive experiences for Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Sega and Behaviour.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has taught college-level game design in a variety of venues, including Ubisoft Campus. 

I swear we didn't pay them to say this

“Marie-Jo knows how to captivate people and her knowledge of how the brain works relative to gaming and behaviour is incredible. If anyone can offer you a new game changer (sorry bad pun) in the field of learning it's her”.

- E. Vanderveldt
  Storefront Media

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